Adopted 6/20/2022

1. Name
The name of this organization shall be Gaston County Senior Democrats (NCSD).

2. Affiliation
This organization is a chapter of the North Carolina Senior Democrats (NCSD), which is an auxiliary to the North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP). To be in good standing and be eligible for representation to the Gaston County Democratic Party (GCDP) Executive Committee, this chapter must meet requirements outlined in the NCSD Constitution. GCSD operates under this Constitution, the NCSD Constitution and the NCDP Plan of Organization (PoO).

3. Purpose
The purpose of this organization is to elect Democrats to public office, advocate for issues of concern to seniors, and educate voters and potential voters about issues and candidates.

4. Inclusive & Transparent
This organization shall strive to be diverse and transparent. It shall encourage traditionally underrepresented persons and groups to participate in all activities, including office holding.

5. Membership & Dues
There must be five dues-paying members to be in good standing with NCSD. A portion of the annual dues shall go to NCSD.

The membership year is Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. Anyone joining in November December shall have dues applied to the next calendar year.

Any person 50 or older and registered as a Democrat in Gaston County shall be eligible for active membership. Democrats below the age of 50 or those residing in another county may join but are not eligible to vote or hold office

6. State Convention
This chapter shall be entitled to one vote per active member at the NCSD State Convention.

7. Officers
Officers elected in the spring of odd-numbered years shall be President, three Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer. They are the GCSD Executive Committee. Individual duties are outlined in the Bylaws.

8. Vacancies, Grievances & Removal
Officer vacancies are filled by majority vote of the GCSD Executive Committee.
Grievances shall be handled as outlined in the Bylaws.
Officers may be removed from office by 2/3 vote of chapter membership present at an open, publicized meeting. Removal offenses include self-dealing and self-promoting using the office held, actions bringing obvious disrepute to GCSD, and failure to perform duties for a period of three months.

9. Amendments
Proposed amendments to this Constitution must be presented at a monthly meeting. Written copies of proposed amendments must be provided in advance. They can be discussed but not voted upon until the next meeting or other date and place specified by active members.

Changes must be approved by 2/3 vote of active members present.


Adopted 6/20/2022

Meetings shall be held monthly at various locations and times specified by the Gaston County Senior Democrats (GCSD) Executive Committee and publicized on GCSD and Gaston County Democratic Party (GCDP) websites, Facebook, and other means. Notice of all regular and special meetings, including location and time, shall be sent by email to active members prior to each meeting.

There should be at least 10 meetings per calendar year.

Guests are always welcome and may participate in any program, activity or discussion.

Quorum and meeting protocol
A quorum of 40 percent active membership shall be required for business. Roberts Rules of Order shall be used for conducting business.

Officers and duties
The elected officers shall be: President, three Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer. They are the GCSD Executive Committee.

The President shall:
Preside at all meetings of the GCSD and GCSD Executive Committee meetings.

Have general supervision of all affairs of the organization, cooperate fully with the Executive Committee and have oversight of all records.

Represent the GCSD at the GCDP Executive Committee or appoint a proxy.

Appoint all committee chairs, in consultation with the Executive Committee unless otherwise specified, be ex-officio member of any committee and call special meetings of any committee.

Appoint a parliamentarian, corresponding secretary or others as appropriate or necessary in consultation with the Executive Committee.

The Membership Vice President shall:
Assist the President and other officers, chair the Membership Committee and work with all officers and members to ensure programs of substance be held at least quarterly.

The Advocacy Vice President shall:
Assist the President and other officers and chair the Advocacy Committee, which shall keep members informed on senior issues.

The Liaison Vice President shall:
Assist the President and other officers on request and chair the Liaison Committee, which shall cooperate with other local and state Democratic groups.

The Secretary shall:
Record all minutes of the GCSD and the GCSD Executive Committee and serve as the custodian of all official documents.

Send all notices of meetings and necessary notifications or mailings.

Verify quorum if one is required.

The Treasurer shall:
Serve as chair of the Finance Committee, which shall present a proposed budget, including amount of dues, by October of each calendar year.

File appropriate and timely reports as required by the NC State Board of Elections (NCBE).

Successfully complete the required training as provided by NCSBE within 90 days of installation.

Be responsible for all receipts and disbursement of funds, maintain checking account and reconcile bank statements as required by law.

All deposits should be made weekly.

Make a full financial report at each meeting of general membership or Executive Committee and interim reports as requested by the President.

Submit active membership rosters and dues to NCSD as appropriate.

Nomination and Election Procedure
Officers shall be elected by majority vote at an open, publicized meeting in the spring of odd-numbered years. Terms are for two years.

Candidates are encouraged to announce and may do so at any meeting or on social media. Incumbents should announce their intent early in the calendar year. Officers except treasurer may not serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office. Formal nomination shall occur at the election meeting. Candidates should self-nominate. No seconds are required.

Once all the nominations have been made, those candidates in contested races shall be given an opportunity to speak. All candidates will be able to distribute campaign material.

If there is only one candidate for an office, election may be by voice vote or unanimous consent. Contested races should be decided by show of hand, standing or ballots.

Officers are installed at end of same meeting, next meeting or special ceremony.

All committees should have at least three members, including the chair. Unless otherwise specified, members shall be named by the President, in consultation with the committee chair and other members of the Executive Committee, at the meeting following installation.

Special committees may be established by the President for specific function and duration.

Standing committees:

Set goals for recruiting new members so the chapter can grow and prosper. Attention should be paid so the membership reflects age, race, gender, geographical location.


Keep members up to date on local, state and national legislation so they can make informed decisions.


Stay in touch with GCDP, all its auxiliaries and with community organizations so members will be aware of opportunities for participation in party and civic activities.


Present a proposed budget, including recommended dues, at the October chapter meeting. The proposed budget shall be distributed and discussed and subject to approval by majority vote of active members at the November meeting.

Grievance Procedure
All grievances must be in writing, submitted to the President, who shall appoint a special Grievance Committee to handle the dispute.

If the President is involved in the grievance, a Vice President shall receive the grievance and appoint the committee.

The committee shall attempt to resolve the grievance. If unsuccessful, the committee shall hold a hearing.

The committee chair shall set a date and time limits for the hearing and shall preside. He or she should review the NCSD Grievance Procedure.

Each side gets a chance to present their opinion.

The committee shall make a recommendation to the Executive Committee, which will accept or reject it by majority vote. The decision of the Executive Committee is final.

Proposed amendments to these ByLaws must be presented at a monthly meeting. Written copies must be available in advance. The amendment may be discussed, but not voted on until the next meeting or date and time set by active members present.

Changes must be approved by majority vote of active members present.

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes